A patent / utility model is a form of intellectual property consisting of a set of exclusive rights granted by the state to an inventor or their assignee for a limited period of time, in exchange for the public disclosure of the invention.  

Criteria for patenting are novelty, non-obviousness and industrial applicability.

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TÜBİTAK 1008 – Patent Application Promotion and Funding Program

Purpose of the program

The purpose of 1008 Patent Application Promotion and Funding Program is to increase the number of national and international patent applications of Turkey, to encourage people to make patent applications, and to raise awareness about registering intellectual and industrial property rights.

Who can apply?

Turkish citizens and Turkish firms in Turkey, established under Turkish laws, can apply to this program.

Application deadline

All patent applications after 23.08.2006 can be supported by this program. There is no application deadline.

Where to apply?

Applications should be sent to TÜBİTAK Academic R&D Funding Directorate (ARDEB)..

How to apply?

The application form and attached documents should be completed and signed by the applicant.  The form and the related documents should be sent to TÜBİTAK Academic R&D Funding Directorate (ARDEB). Application forms and detailed information on 1008 Program can be found on the 1008 Turkish web page.

Evaluation period

The evaluation results of the applications are announced in approximately two months.

Funding scheme

For national and international/regional patent applications grants up to 3000 TL (+450 TL for representatives) are available. In addition, for international/regional patent applications, it is possible to apply for a support credit up to 100,000 TL. Under certain conditions, this credit can be converted to a grant.

Contact information

1. TÜBİTAK Fikri Haklar Ofisi

    Tunus Cad. No:80 06100 Kavaklıdere/Ankara TURKEY
    Tel: +90312 468 53 00/2101

2. TÜBİTAK Araştırma Destek Programları Başkanlığı

   Tunus Cad. No:80 06100 Kavaklıdere/ANKARA
   Tel: +90 312 468 53 00 / 2765
   Faks : +90 312 426 92 07

For further information

KOSGEB- R&D, Innovation and Industrial Application Support Programme